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To survive in today’s ever-changing world, a person needs to be able to thrive. When a person loses the will or ability to thrive on their own, they are unable to take care of their own necessities. It is up to us to create an environment for those people. It is a grand gesture by an individual or group of people who are thriving to reach out and give assistance to those who are unable to thrive on their own. Our goal at is to help those individuals who want to make a difference and have influence in the world by giving them the tools, resources, and education to help others in the world to survive on their own. This website is the portal to help those who can volunteer to lead hubs around the world to help get these resources and tools to the massive people who need to learn how to survive.

In 2019, The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, published an article on their website about the emerging crisis of homelessness. In less than ten years from now the earth will not be able to sustain the 8.6 billion future growth of our population. There are over 150 million people who are homeless to one extent or another. Homelessness is a complex issue that is evident worldwide. It is a crisis that if the population of the world that is sustaining itself helps those individuals and families that are struggling with sustainability, we could solve these issues. Volunteering, and donating to provide funding for education, survival techniques and healthy environments, will decrease the population rate of homelessness.

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