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Current Projects

  • Documents

  • BlessOne volunteers are committed to helping homeless individuals in their local communities obtain essential documents like identification cards, birth certificates, and Social Security cards. This is a critical step in their journey toward stability and self-sufficiency. These vital documents open doors to a range of services and opportunities, including healthcare, job opportunities, and housing. Through these efforts, BlessOne is empowering people to make meaningful progress toward a more stable and fulfilling life.

  • Shelter

  • BlessOne volunteers assist those experiencing homelessness in their local community by locating safe shelter options. This crucial first step allows individuals to access other essential resources such as healthcare and job training, aiding them in their journey toward long-term stability and self-sufficiency.

  • Food

  • BlessOne volunteers are committed to helping homeless individuals, seniors, and the disabled in their local community identify accessible food sources. By guiding them to food pantries, free meal services, or soup kitchens, our volunteers connect those in need with essential nutritional support. This is another vital step BlessOne takes in aiding individuals on their path to stability and self-sufficiency.

Future Projects - Coming Soon!

Virtual World Training and Events, Survival Resources, Work Camp Opportunities.